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Our wedding party

Our wedding party is such an important part of our big day!  We want to thank our closest friends and family for being so supportive and loving through our relationship! We love you!

Jennifer's attendants
  • Christina Feather, Matron Of Honor
    Childhood Friend
  • Kristen Grizzard, Bridesmaid
    Post College Friend
  • Kimberlee Pooler, Bridesmaid
    Post College Friend
  • Shannon Woodfin, Bridesmaid
    College Friend
  • Andrea Carlton, Bridesmaid
  • Lauren Wells, Bridesmaid
    Sister of the Groom
  • Katherine Vick, Bridesmaid
    College Friend
Clay's attendants
  • Alton Roberson, Best Man
    Father of the Groom
  • Jason Williams, Groomsman
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Jackson Whitfield, Groomsman
    College Friend
  • Robbie Williams, Groomsman
    College Friend
  • Darren Buer, Groomsman
    College Friend
  • Josh Carlton, Groomsman
    Brother of the Bride
  • Aaron Brown, Groomsman
    College Friend
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